Manhattan / Marfa

In deciding to spend a month in Marfa, I wanted to go somewhere that was about as different from Manhattan as I could find. Some thoughts on the two places.

marfa texas highland avenue

Manhattan / Marfa:

honking horns / cactus thorns

a thousand bars / countless stars

Central Park / the Food Shark

drag queens / Wranger jeans

working hard / cooking with lard

crime / time

Starbucks / cattle trucks

fashionistas / endless vistas

giant rats / cowboy hats

the Chrysler spire / barbed wire

constant prattle / silent cattle

stiletto heels / wagon wheels

cup cakes / rattle snakes

fire escapes / landscapes

Chase bank branches / enormous ranches

glitterati / Judd’s Chinati

fashion shoots / cowboy boots

elevators / inept waiters

that New York smell / the Paisano Hotel

world-class stores / unlocked doors

capitalist power / the water tower

huddled masses / waving grasses

mink furs / goathead burrs

Grand Central Station / The Judd Foundation

the rat race / endless space

Times Square sights / the Marfa lights

car alarms / tomato farms

melting-pot diversity / General Delivery

subway rails / hiking trails

Per Se / Carmen’s Cafe

a zillion bucks / pick-up trucks

Duane Reade / tumbleweed

actresses and ballerinas / aoudad and javelinas

“Goddamn!” / “Thank you, Ma’am”

Wall Street money / Big Bend honey

Family and friends / the journey ends.

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7 Responses to Manhattan / Marfa

  1. Bill says:

    Wonderful! I feel like I know a bit of Marfa through your eyes.

  2. Ricki says:


  3. Amy says:

    You’re a poet – and we didn’t know it! You must publish this!

  4. Pat says:

    An eloquent description! Did you drink “Judd’s Chianti”?

  5. Beau Peyton says:

    This is great. Sorry it took me so long to find your blog!

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