Marfa Photos

Sorry for the delay! Here’s a bunch of photos.

What the pix don’t capture is the gorgeous light, and the immense vastness of the place – endless miles of desert and mountains at the end of every road.

Approaching Marfa. I am standing in the middle of the highway. No problem.

THE traffic light (however, it's a blinking red light - basically a stop sign).

"City" of Marfa? Um, I don't think so.

Looking south from the Courthouse. Can you say "empty"?

I love this old theater. Wish the neon still worked.

This truck was right out of central casting

Typical crowded sidewalk

No tourists clogging the sidewalks of Marfa!

Rush hour, Marfa

Marfa's iconic "skyline" feature. Eiffel Tower, eat your heart out.

The rail road crossing. Looks picturesque. Train horns blowing midnight to 8am - not so charming.

White stucco + blue sky = gorgeous

Art deco "Marfatechture" (not my coinage)

Marfa vista


Site of the Farmer's Market and famous Food Shark truck.

The "Duomo" of Marfa

My house (and cacti)

If we've spoken on the phone, I was probably sitting here.

Marfa sunset

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2 Responses to Marfa Photos

  1. Alice says:

    Lisa! Loved your pics of marfa! I was recalling our star gazing night with amanda and david the otherr day! Nothing like star gazing and having boxed wine in west texas! Hope you come back soon!! Saludos from Marfa!!!

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