West Texas Doesn’t Know It’s Not New Mexico

On the (190 mile) drive from El Paso to Marfa, I was struck by how much it looked like New Mexico. I’ve always thought of Texas as an entity unto itself; it didn’t quite register that part of it is in the South West.

Since I was trying to get to Marfa before dark (and I had to wait in El Paso for over an hour because American Airlines couldn’t open the door to the baggage compartment on the plane), I didn’t stop to take too many pictures, unfortunately. The drive was really gorgeous, especially after the first 60 miles or so, when the landscape changed more frequently.

Vast views, lots of yucca, mountains in the distance. Seeing the greys, greens, and pinks, images of cheesy 1980s southwest decor came to mind. Polyester hotel bedspreads, that kind of thing. Ridiculous that nature reminds me of man-made stuff.

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