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Marfa Tourist Information: What To Do In Marfa

If you’re thinking about visiting Marfa, here are some suggestions on what to do, based on how much time you’ll be here. Read on for ideas for:  A virtual visit Just passing through A half-day A few days More A … Continue reading

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Marfa: What’s in a Name?

No one really seems to know, but word is that a railroad executive’s wife named Marfa for a character in either Crime and Punishment or The Brother’s Karamazov. Whereever it came from, Marfa is a pretty cool name. Would the … Continue reading

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The Border

When I told people I was going to Marfa, one of the first things I was warned about was The Border. Beheadings! Kidnappings! Who knows what else. You’d think I was going to Iraq, not Texas, the way some people … Continue reading

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Feeling Marfan

I’ve been in Marfa for 10 days now, and I am starting to feel adjusted – not quite “at home”, but not like a tourist either. I’m getting used to the (MUCH) slower pace. I no longer think of time … Continue reading

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Texas Big Bend Counrty: El Despoblado

The far west region of Texas was once called “el despoblado” – the place without people. However many years later, that name still fits. (These shots were actually taken within the “city” of Marfa.)

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Cochineal: The World’s Best Biscuits and Gravy

For New Yorkers who’ve heard of Marfa, the restaurant Cochineal probably ranks just behind Chinati/Donald Judd as one of the town’s highlights. Started by Tom Rapp and Toshifumi Sakihara of NYC’s Etats-Unis, it’s mentioned in just about every magazine article … Continue reading

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My Marfa Movie

My first experiment with the movie feature on my camera. Sorry – it’s a little dizzying and shaky. The 360-degree view from the Marfa Golf Course – highest course in Texas. Really hard to capture the enormity of the landscape.

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