The plans are coming together (and the blog is up)

House in Marfa: check. Flight to El Paso: check. Blog to record My Month in Marfa: check. Now this adventure is becoming a reality.

While I’m prepared to pay for this trip plus my rent in NYC, I’m really determined to sublet my place while I’m away.

Just met the amazing owner of who may be able to rent my apartment (probably to vacationing Europeans and Aussies) at a tidy profit. How cool would that be?

The dream of spending a month outside of New York each year seems more do-able every day. It really is amazing how things line up once you commit to them.

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One Response to The plans are coming together (and the blog is up)

  1. fran walker says:

    Hi I’m loving your blog but would love to hear more of the nitty gritty of plunking down in a new town so far from NYC. Shopping, eating, reading, excercising, the weather, socializing, meeting the real natives, eating with the locals, bars, the luminescence. You mentioned you saw that movie, Giant that was filmed there, did anything look familiar. Send the picture of the fake Prada store that was in the Southwest Airlines magazine last week.

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